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28 Apr

Reimagining Education

I watched this wonderful TED Talk tonight and I had to share it. Sir Ken Robinson argues that we are educating children out of their creativity. I admit that this thought had crossed my mind (if less eloquently). I am eager to read his book. It is next on my list (and my list is long, so it might be a while). In the meantime, I'll likely just watch the video over and over. It gave me so much to think about and I hope you have the same experience.

24 Apr

Rethinking Education

This beautifully edited video, by Michael Wesch asks some rather pressing questions about the purpose and function of educational institutions. Wesch questions beyond the content of the knowledge being passed on. He questions the form of the educational institution itself.

20 Apr

"World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements"

Today's TED talk was by an amazing teacher named John Hunter. For the past 28 years, Mr. Hunter has been playing his "World Peace Game" with his students. A film has recently been made of this inspired and inspiring lesson:

17 Apr

Rethinking the Medium

15 Apr

Autism's First Child

A wonderful video that speaks for itself about the power of not only the individual, but also the community.