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19 Aug

#K12Media is Almost Here!

Today we're launching the official poll to select the topic for the first ever #K12Media chat.  The chat will take place on Twitter, using the hashtag #K12Media, on Monday August 29, 2011 at 8:00pm. We hope to see you then. 

Please vote below!

16 Aug

Media and Youth: For What it's Worth

"There's something happening here,/ What it is ain't exactly clear..." Press play and keep reading.

"Young people speaking their mind/ Getting so much resistance from behind"

"Paranoia strikes deep,/ Into your life it will creep./ It starts when you're always afraid/ Step out of line, the man come and take you away."

The song, written 45 years ago, seems ripped from the headlines of the last year or so. Whether it's a young Canadian woman standing with a sign in parliament or thousands of young men and women in Tehran, there IS something happening here and here is global. The news comes fast and furious. Pundits and columnists scramble to provide an explanation, to point fingers, to spin a moment into a narrative. I have witnessed this phenomenon again and again in the last few years and I can't think of a better place to have this discussion than in the classroom.

13 Aug

Television, Advertising and More

Every once in a while, I love to listen to an academic lecture. So when I came across this one, from Sut Jhally I knew I had to watch. In the video, Sut Jhally is addressing the Centre for Popular Economics, summer institute 2011. I found myself tweeting while I was watching, so I thought I'd include the "story" below. His is speaking from a US perspective, but many of the issues he discusses are of international interest. It is particularly interesting to note that he advocates for an analysis very similar to the one that we in Ontario have adopted, with a focus not only on the message, but also on the context. Enjoy!

07 Aug

The Importance of Stories


I love stories. In fact, I have spent the better part of my life immersed in them. When I was a child, I read voraciously. Stories were a window to the world. They allowed me to imagine the impossible, to test my convictions, to think about serious issues from another person’s perspective and sometimes, to just escape into fantasy. As an adult I became fascinated with the construction of the story. I wanted to know more about the authors, the traditions, the influences and the cultures out of which the stories came. I wanted to read and be exposed to more stories. That passion has never abated. I love stories so much that I earned degrees in literature and then teaching so that I could spend my life reading and sharing stories with others, and sometimes even creating them myself.

04 Aug

Beauty and Truth in Makeup Ads

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty, -that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know." -John Keats

Last week, the Advertising Standards Agency (UK) banned two ads for foundations by L'Oreal. One was for their Maybelline brand, featuring Christie Turlington and the other was for their Lancome brand featuring Julia Roberts. British MP Jo Swinson launched the complaint, saying that the ads were too airbrushed. The ads were banned because L'Oreal could not provide the "before" pictures to show that the airbrushing wasn't excessive and to prove what the cosmetics do.