ENG3UU4L1: Macbeth Pre-Reading Activities

March 27-April 2, 2015:

Over the course of these classes, we discussed the history and context of Macbeth. We talked about Elizabethan and Jacobean England, The Gunpowder Plot, and viewed several versions of Act I, Scenes i and ii of Macbeth.

We considered representations in posters for the play (you can see some of them on my Pinterest board here).

We spoke about violence and our reactions to violent actions and events. When do we celebrate/condone/condemn violence? We spoke about the difference between violence and terror. 

We played with lines from Act I and decided which version of the play we would view (primarily).

If you missed any of these classes, please see me for handouts and materials. Be sure to check out this overview of the play:

You can download a copy of Macbeth or read it online through the Folger Digital Texts.

Classroom Connection CONTEST!!!

Want to win an iPad mini? Write your own "Shakespeare Selfie" for CBC's Canada Writes and you could win! 

Here is last year's winning entry and one of the runner's up.

We will be writing modern versions of Shakespeare's soliloquies/monologues, so this is a great chance to get a head start. The contest runs while we are studying Macbeth so it is perfect timing.