ENG1D6 Unit 2: Everyman

October 15, 2014:

Today we'll begin our unit on "Everyman", a Medieval morality play. Books will be distributed (though the digital text may prove more useful) and we'll find out a bit more about morality plays and their function. We will watch the film "Medieval Drama: From Sanctuary to Stage" that will help set the context for the unit, and students will fill out a question sheet to check their understanding as we work through the film.

Later in the week and through the next several classes, we will read the play aloud in class and use our reading strategies to document our reading of the play.

We will also define the term "Allegory" and discuss its relevance to the text.

Image: Frontispiece from edition of Everyman published by John Sklot (c. 1530)


Find 5 modern-day examples of allegory. All examples must be post 2004 (from the last 10 years). You may choose examples from literature, popular culture, television, film, videogames, politics... the choices are endless, but they must be recent.

Write a 1 page "report" about these examples. In an introductory paragraph, let us know how easy or difficult it was to find your examples. Then, list the examples, with annotations (point form is fine). Finish with a paragraph that explains how allegory is used in contemporary culture. What are some trends that you have noticed? Why might allegory be a useful tool in these instances?

Due October 21, 2014