ENG1D6U2L3: Everyman Themes

November 19, 2014:

Today we will explore the themes in Everyman. Students will work in groups of 4 to write FIVE different statements of theme for Everyman.

Remember that a theme is:

  • What the text expresses about the human condition, about life.
  • A general, universal statement that does not reference any particular work (it is specific enough to apply to the work studied, but may also apply to other works)
  • A complete thought. One word does not express a theme.

​Students will write the statements of theme on paper, making sure there are no mechanical errors. Statements will be submitted at the end of class. Each student should pick a different statement of theme that they would like to develop for their paragraph.

Once you have finished and chosen which theme statement you will use for your paragraph, pull any quotations from the play that you can find that relate to your theme. We will be working with these quotes next class.

Homework: Due November 21

Choose ONE theme discussed in class. Brainstorm ideas (use a mind map or other organizer) to illustrate how this theme relates to the play. Bring your brainstorming sheet to class on Friday, as we will use them to develop an outline for your paragraph. If you did not finish pulling the quotes, please do so and bring them with your brainstorming next class.