EPS3O Unit 1: Who Speaks for Us?

September 4, 2014:

Welcome! In this unit we will:

  • Read and view famous speeches
  • Create a portfolio of the most significant speeches of all time
  • Identify and analyse a speech that speaks to your generation
  • Learn about what makes a speech successful

But first we discussed how speakers are introduced. In this class, we worked on introductory speeches (see assignment sheet below). 

Introductory Speeches

Students worked with a partner to prepare a 1-2 minute (no more!) introduction of a classmate. Students handed in a rough copy today at the end of the period and are permitted to continue to refine their ideas over the weekend.

Homework: Due Sept 8

Write or type a final copy of your introduction and PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

Introductory speeches should be fluid and memorized if possible. The final copy, will be handed in at the time of your presentation. Marks will be assigned in both strands as follows:

Understanding Speeches: /5

Making Speeches: /5

Sept 8-10: Present introductions and receive feedback.