ENG1D6 Unit 1: The Importance of Stories

September 4, 2014:

As we move through this unit, we will consider the importance of stories in our lives. We will look at a number of different stories and explore their complexities.

To begin, I'd like to hear more about YOUR favourite story. I know there are probably many. Today we launched the "Favourite Literary Read" assignment. Students will present a 2 minute talk about their favourite literary read in class on Monday. More information can be found on the assignment sheet and rubric (posted below).

Favourite Literary Read Assignment

Favourite Literary Read Rubric

Homework: due Sept 8, 2014

Complete and rehearse your "Favourite Literary Read" talk. Remember, it is only 2 minutes in length, so be sure that you cover the expectations in that time. You MUST bring your book with you for the presentation. Please see the rubric for further details.

Please complete the survey on the ENG1D6 page here.

I look forward to hearing about your books on Monday!

Remember: We will begin our independent reading project next week, so please think about a Classic novel that you might like to read. It must be something you have not read before. See you Monday :)

September 8-10: Present and receive feedback on FLR assignment

Class on Sept. 12 will be IN THE LIBRARY. More info coming soon!