ENG1D6U1L4: The Stolen Party

September 26-30, 2014:

Sept 26:

Using each of the reading strategies we have outlined at least once, read through and annotate your copy of "The Stolen Party" by Liliana Hecker.

Students must follow the following format:

  1. Highlight, bracket or underline the relevant passage.
  2. Name the strategy you are using (1 mark)
  3. Annotate and explain (briefly) how you use the strategey (e.g. if you are questionning, write down the questions you may ask at that point -explain why these questions are significant) (2 marks)

Students should submit the story and the notes at the end of the period.  They will be marked. 

Students should identify the elements of plot in the story (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution). The plot diagram should include explanations of each stage of the plot.

Next class we will work on the "big ideas" from the story (Sept. 30).

Sept 30:

Today we discussed the idea of theme. Students took notes about how to explore theme in a story. Criteria were given to help students revise an edit statements of theme about the story. Students worked in groups to brainstorm themes and were asked to finalize their ideas at home.

October 2:

If you missed this class, please get the handout from me.

Students worked on the handout and creative writing exercise. "The Stolen Party" handout and activities are due on Monday October 6.