ENG4CU1L4: Writing a Report - Selecting a Topic

October 1, 2014:

Today we will select a topic that we would like to investigate more fully. We will learn about report writing, and students will write a brief proposal for their report.

Some resources to get you thinking about report writing:

  1. "Report and Proposal Writing" -University of Victoria, Learning and Development.
  2. "How to Write a Report: The Four Basic Parts" -Vanier College, The Learning Centre
  3. "How to Write a Report" wikiHow to Do Anything

Some things to think about for your proposal:

  1. What interests you? What are you passionate about? This is always the best place to start.
  2. What do you know about the subject or issue? Why do you want to investigate it?
  3. Will your idea interest the audience (our class, the teacher)? How does it affect our lives or understanding of the world? 
  4. What do you need to know about the topic? How will you go about figuring out what you need to know? To what extend are you going to investigate this topic (is it do-able in the time that you have or do you need to narrow or widen your focus)?

Proposals were handed in at the end of the period. Please come to class ready to work on your idea! 


Wednesday October 1: Proposal submission

Friday October 3: Review assignment and rubric, develop a research plan.

Tuesday October 7: IN LIBRARY Research topics, how to do a "Works Cited". Please go straight to the library for period 1.

Thursday October 9-Thursday October 20: Write the report.

Wednesday October 22: Edit the report. **NOTE: The dates from this point on have changed from the assignment sheet.***

Friday October 24: Final draft of report due (all reports must be submitted on this day -be sure to keep a copy for yourself). Begin to work on presentation.

Tuesday October 28: Work on Presentation.

Thursday October 30: Present Report. Though presentations will occur over TWO periods, ALL students must be prepared to present on October 30. Presentation order will be randomly determined.