EPS3OU1L7: Discussion Circles

October 2, 2014:

Today we introduced "Discussion Circles". Please see me if you missed class, as you will need the handout. Students worked in groups to come up with discussion topics based on public speaking.

We went over expectations and strategies for effective discussion circles and voted on the topics to be discussed. Each student is responsible for preparing points (at least 5) for discussion around the following two topics:

  1. We often hear that "actions speak louder than words". Body language is a very effective way to communicate. How do speakers use body language for maximum effect?
  2. Emotion is a powerful persuasive tool. The Humane Society has used emotion extensively to raise awareness and funds. What tactics are used? How are they used? Are there other methods that may be more effective?

Students will be randomly selected for each group at the beginning of class, and will be responsible for both discussing AND listening activities next class.

Homework: due October 6, 2014

Prepare your notes and ideas for the class discussion. Be sure to arrive on time and prepared to engage with your peers.