TED-Ed Club and Course Culminating

TED Ed Assignment


April 27-29, 2015:

Today students met with the teacher to get feedback on their scripts. The LAST day to hand in the first draft of the script is Friday May 1, 2015. Students should also hand in their completed TED Ed booklet.

Please email me if you need an additional copy of the TED Ed booklet.

May 11-20: 

On these days we will be presenting our TED Ed talks. Students must present on their assigned dates, as this is part of the course culminating work. Students who miss a course culminating will have to follow the same process for missing an exam (see your agenda for details) and risk getting a mark of "0".

Following the presentation, students will have the opportunity to edit their videos and prepare them for uploading.

Students will also be responsible for reflecting on their work and completing an active listening task. Rubrics will be posted at the start of the Course Culminating period.


September 30, 2014:

Today we officially launched our TED-Ed Club! Students were emailed their club booklets and we worked on brainstorming ideas that inspire us. Students were asked to view 3-5 TED Talks on topics from their list, and to be prepared to present and discuss one of these talks at our next meeting.

Actions (before next meeting):

  • Create a TED-Ed Club account!
  • Watch some videos on topics that inspire you at TED or TED-Ed.
  • Take notes on the videos, select the one that inspires you the most and be prepared to present and discuss it with the class

October 15, 2014:

On this date, students presented their videos and thought more deeply about what they will do for their talks. Students considered what makes an idea "great" or "worth spreading". Students should come prepared with their idea for the next meeting

November 21, 2014: TED-Ed Club Meeting #3

On this date we will explore and declare our ideas. Students will fill out the corresponding pages in the "Idea Book".

In small groups, students will "pitch" their ideas and get feedback.

January 23, 2014: TED-Ed Club Meeting #4

Today we explored what makes an effective beginning, middle and end in a TED talk. Students watched the lesson as well as TWO TED talks and discussed. Students will need to finish filling in their ideas in their idea books.