ENG1D6U1L5: Responses

October 10, 2014:

The Danger of a Single Story: Watch the video below and take note of Adichie's main points/arguments. What is she arguing and what evidence does she present?

After viewing the video, please  write a (no more than 1 page) response. In your response, you must connect THREE ideas from the video (arguments) to THREE examples from your own life when you may have encountered these facets of the single story. Where have you seen the single story in your life? How does this video help you better understand the idea of stereotypes?

October 8, 2014: Tell Your Truth

Watch the video below and take note of the speaker's main points. He makes his argument through spoken word poetry. At what point do you realize that this isn't the conventional talk? What is the effect of this realization?

After viewing the video, write a one-page response that deals with the following questions:

What are YOUR truths?

What are some things that people need to hear (versus what they want to hear)?

What don't you say that you wish you could? What stops you from telling your truths?

Address the ideas that you noted from Clint Smith's "The Danger of Silence" in your response.