EPS3OU1L8: Speaking to the Nation

October 23, 2014:

The tragic shootings yesterday in Ottawa have highlighted just how important public speaking is. Canadians were trying to process the events as they unfolded throughout the day and the leaders of all three parties spoke to Canadians in response to the attack.

In class today, we began by looking at the front pages of several newspapers from across Canada. We considered how the story was framed in a variety of different ways.

We then watched all three party leaders speak to the nation. 

Homework: Due Oct 27

Re-watch the speeches, filling in your notes. We will examine them in greater detail next class, so be prepared!

October 27, 2014:

Today we will examine the text of the speeches. Students will use their sheet on rhetorical devices to analyse one of the three speeches. Students will work in groups to share their findings and to prepare presentations on a section of the speech. These presentations MUST include:

  • A prepared reading of that section (using techniques and strategies you feel are most effective).
  • An analysis of the section you have selected.

Groups must be prepared to answer the following questions in their analysis:

  1. How does the speaker position the events in Ottawa?
  2. At which point(s) does the direction of the speech change? How? Explain.
  3. How are rhetorical techniques/devices used? To what effect?
  4. How does the speech position the audience? On what would they like us to focus?
  5. What can we infer about Canadians from the speech?

We will get started with presentations at the beginning of class, so please arrive on time!