ENG4CU2: Reading the Novel

November, 2014:

We will be reading the novel over the course of this month. 

November 1-13: Chapters 1-5:

The focus of this section will be on using the reading strategies that you have learned to read and understand the text.

On October 30 & November 3 students were assigned questions to complete for Chapter 1. Please see me if you did not receive the sheet.

Students are expected to keep a table record for each character that they encounter. Major characters should be done on separate sheets so that you can add to them as the novel progresses. Minor characters may be put on the same chart (leaving some space to add details as you encounter them).

November 18: Reading Test #1

November 20: Written response (open book) for chapters 1-5.

November 24: Students must have completed reading to Chapter 10-Students will work on questions for Ch. 5-7

November 26: Complete questions for Ch. 8-10

November 28: Reading Test #2

December 2: Students should have completed to the end of Chapter 15.

December 2: Complete questions for Ch. 11-13

December 4: Complete questions for Ch. 13-15

December 9: Reading Test #3

December 11:  Review Work, Read Ch. 16-20 -formulate discussion questions 

December 15: Review and select discussion questions

December 17: Discussion Circles

December 19:  Read to end of novel, review discussion.