Timetable Overview for IES

January 27, 2015:

Welcome to IES! Over the next few classes, I will review your proposals with you and check in on your progress in your projects.

You are required to keep accurate time logs (weekly). Please remember that you must devote a minimu of 40 hours to this project. You are expected to work in class (room 302) on your IES project. Please bring any materials that you need for your project (including laptops, etc.) to class with you each day. 

Due dates for the time logs are as follows:

  • January 29
  • February 6
  • Feb 12 - + -PROGRESS REPORT #1 DUE
  • Feb 20
  • Feb 26
  • March 6 - + - PROGRESS REPORT #2 DUE
  • March 12

Project presentations will begin right after March break on March 23, 2015, so please plan to have your project completed (or in as complete a state as possible) by March 23.

Final projects (fully completed) are due on April 1!