ENG1D6U4L1: The Mad Scientist

February 18, 2015:

Please review your notes from last class on satire and parody before completing today's activity. 

When we think about scientists, one very prominant representation is the "mad scientist". S/he appears over and over again in literature, popular culture and more. 

What is it about this figure that so intrigues us?

Humour, especially satire and parody are often used for a greater purpose. Today you will choose a representation of a "mad scientist" in popular culture and analyse that character's role in the text. Using your notes from last class, consider: the nature/source of the humour, the role that this figure plays in the text, the character's effect on those around him/her, and whether the character is a force of good or evil (or a combination of both). You will also need to note how/why the character may be a force for good/evil. Once you have considered all of these possibilities, write a one-page response that presents your findings and answers the questions below.

What might these representations of scientists reveal:

  • about the scientist’s role in contemporary culture?
  • about our comfort/relationship with science and our knowledge of the world?

Homework: due Feb 20, 2015

Finish your response, type and double-space and hand it in at the beginning of next class.