ENG1D6U4L2: Reading The Physicists

Feb 26-March 6:

On these days we will read The Physicists. Students will need to pay close attention and take notes, as we will be writing an in-class essay on the play on March 10 & 12.

March 6: Supplemental Reading & Review for In Class Essay Test

On this day, students will prepare for the essay test (next week) on The Physicists. Students should look over the play, consider the most important scenes and come up with ideas and supporting details re: themes in the text.

Supplemental Reading:

Matlack, Samuel. "The Physicists at Fifty". The New Atlantis. Summer, 2012 (63-78).

Please go to the above link and read the review. There are many prompts for thinking about the play.

The Essay Test next week will replicate exam conditions. If you have an IEP with accommodations, please use them. Students with a computer accommodation will be writing in a room with computers. Students with extra time accommodations will continue writing through lunch (please bring your lunch if this applies to you!).

Books and notes are not permitted in the test. However, you may sign out a copy of the text on Friday if you would like. You will not be expected to use direct quotations, but you will be expected to refer to specific scenes/ideas/moments in the play to support your argument.

I will not be in class on Friday due to a field trip, but please do not hesitate to contact me via email if you need extra help. I will have an extra help session for students who would like to attend on Monday (March 9) at lunch.