Annotated List of Useful Links

The Media Awareness Network is a great place to find an incredible amount of resources. The website offers sections for teachers, parents and students and is a treasure trove of infomation, activities and lessons (searchable by subject, grade and more). Of particular interest for anyone new to the subject or this website are:

The Language of Media Literacy: This page contains a list of terms with their definitions.

Key Concepts of Media Literacy: This page contains the eight key concepts of Media Literacy as well as in-depth descriptions of each.

Approaches to Media Education: This section contains links with a variety of approaches to media education, useful for teachers at any level.

Camera Shots: This is an answer sheet to a quiz on the site. It contains definitions of the various camera shots, using examples of what they might look like.

There are many more... go to The Media Awareness Network and explore! You won't be disappointed.