Planning Continues for EdcampTO!

14 Jul

Earlier this week, the organizing committee met once again to sort out the details for Toronto's first Edcamp. This time, we decided to meet at a local pub and make it a more social event. We ironed out details for sponsorship, narrowed down site possibilities and formulated a communication strategy. We're in the process of implementing all we discussed in that productive meeting. 

We spent a great deal of time talking about the purpose of edcamp. There were some common threads. We all noted the changing vision of education, we spoke about collaborative learning experiences and the value of connecting learners to enhance the educational experience. We thought that it might be best to organize the day around questions and we're very excited to see the questions that the participants propose. The truth is we won't know what we'll be talking about until the actual day, when voting determines the topics for discussion, but we thought it might be nice to get some ideas in advance and to have people start to think about the kinds of questions/sessions they'd like to discuss. If you have an idea, visit our Wiki and submit your question here.

Heidi Siwak has written another comprehensive recap of the session, and more blog posts will follow. I want to thank all of the people who are making this day possible. You can see some of them on the left, but there are many others who aren't pictured here, a few of whom we have never met in person, who are also working behind the scenes. We really appreciate all of your efforts and contributions.

In the coming weeks, our website will be officially launched, we will have a PayPal option for people or sponsors who would like to donate to cover the costs of the day, we will be featuring our sponsors on our website and searching for others who can help us out. We will be issuing a press release and trying to spread the word. We hope you will join us for edcamp in the fall, and stay tuned for more updates!