Weaving the Thread of Media Studies Into Other Subjects: The First #K12Media Chat

30 Aug

Last night Ms. Keats and I hosted the first ever #K12Media edchat on Twitter. We could not believe how quickly the hour flew by! From McLuhan and Postman to plastic bags and House Hippos, maps as media texts to Math and media we covered a broad range of topics and shared many resources. Our topic, integrating Media Studies into other subject areas, was perfect for the first chat because it showed how flexible the study of Media actually is. Some teachers use it as an entry point for deeper discussion into concepts, to engage students. Others use it as a form of reflection, to really think deeply about how the subject itself and the texts used to teach it are constructions. There are many threads from the discussion that will be picked up in future chats. 

Below is an overview of some of the tweets from last night. For a complete archive, please check out the #K12Media Wiki


Please continue the discussion in the comments, or simply use the #K12Media on Twitter. Our deepest thanks to all those who participated and shared. 

I want to express my gratitude to the people who made this chat possible. Thank you to Tom Whitby. Your vision (and the vision of your PLN and other creators of #edchat) has helped many educators to connect, collaborate and share. Thank you for your time and our emails and Skype conversation. I really appreciated you insight and support. Thank you to Jerry Blumengarten aka Cybraryman. Your support, encouragement and amazing resources were invaluable. Thank you to Meenoo Rami (&co-mods) for providing a wonderful space for English teachers to share their passion. I have spent a great deal of time watching and learning from you.